CONSIGEN gives students an impression of the Life Sciences industry

As part of the mandatory school work experience in North Rhine-Westphalia, we received a visit from two 8th grade students Felix and Diego.

Our trainee Diego

Our trainee Felix

The both students Felix (14) and Diego (13) chose CONSIGEN for their school internship in order to learn more about the Life Sciences industry. Felix and Diego were given a detailed introduction into the areas of pharmaceuticals, medical technology, biotechnology and clinical research and were then able to familiarise themselves with the diverse range of our consultants’ and recruiters’ tasks.

Towards the end of the internship, the two very committed students were able to carry out their own research on Life Sciences’ specialists. As a "thesis", both students individually prepared a presentation on CONSIGEN, which gave us an insight, as to how we are perceived by students. Their interesting points of view showed that Felix and Diego understood the Life Sciences industry very well.

Or, to put it in Diego's words, "As people are getting older and are therefore more affected by illness, Life Sciences’ specialists are becoming more and more important. They help to improve existing medicines and medical technology and to explore new ones. Therefore, CONSIGEN is in the key market at the right moment in time!"

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