Welcome to CONSIGEN, Mathias Roehder!

We are delighted to announce the introduction of our new colleague Mathias Roehder as Regional Director at CONSIGEN GmbH in southern Germany.

Mathias Roehder Regional Director Süddeutschland

Mathias has had several years of experience in B2B sales and has worked for two market leaders in the personnel services sector as an executive for the past 14 years.

He has enhanced CONSIGEN GmbH since 01.02.2016 as a Regional Director with power of attorney and will assist us in developing and expanding the operational client business in southern Germany. Concurrently, Mathias acts as the branch manager for our location in Munich. It’s probably best that we allow Mathias himself, to tell of his goals with CONSIGEN.

Hello Mathias, welcome to CONSIGEN! Please introduce yourself briefly.

I am a person who can be fully relied on and also somebody who feels deeply committed to giving the optimal service to his clients and candidates. At the same time, I see myself as a coach for my employees, by helping them to help themselves.

Since you were so successful at your previous jobs, what made you decide to come to CONSIGEN?

My diploma thesis was on "optimizing R & D processes in the process industry". Since then, my fascination for the Life Sciences’ industry has not left me. At CONSIGEN I have the opportunity to build a business in this field from the very beginning. Entrepreneurship is strongly represented in my family. Therefore, I am very pleased to also be able to walk in these footsteps.

What makes the Life Sciences’ industry so interesting for you?

From a regional perspective, I naturally regard Munich’s development to having the most outstanding sites of biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries in Germany, with a great deal of joy. Particularly in the field of biotechnology, the metropolitan region is ideally equipped for global competition. 15 percent of all German biotech companies have their headquarters in Munich and 30 percent of the national biotechnological drug development takes place here.


What trends do you see in the market?

Nowadays, patients have a much higher affinity to technology than previous generations. Therefore, they expect transparent information regarding their medication and treatment therapies, that include digital platforms and smartphones.

I see huge potential here for the Life Sciences’ industry, when it comes to adapting its marketing and clinical strategies to the specific patient's needs.

In addition to this, I think that due to the ageing population in the western industrialized countries, the Life Sciences’ industry is also in need of older and experienced staff members and has to think about "retiring retirement" concepts.

What are your goals with CONSIGEN?

My goal is to develop CONSIGEN into a "game changer" in recruitment in the Life Sciences’ industry. I would like to make a significant contribution in helping CONSIGEN position themselves as a pioneering recruitment agency.

Last but not least: What do you do when you're not ‘on duty’ for your Life Sciences’ clients and candidates?

I am happily married, father of a six-year-old daughter and a one-year-old son. That means that I spend my free time with my family and friends. Furthermore, I like to play a round of golf, go hiking and skiing. Every now and then I grab my guitar and even improvise a few solos to the songs that are being played on the radio.

Mathias, we wish you great success and fun at CONSIGEN!

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Prinzenallee 7
40549 Düsseldorf

+49 211 92 410 190

Kronstadter Straße 4
81677 München

+49 89 20802 6503

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