Sales & Marketing


Sales makes the product available to the consumer or customer. The sale of prescription pharmaceuticals or medical products in Germany, is done in an indirect way: The salesperson does not have direct access to the consumer (patient) but only to his intermediary (doctor). With pharmacy-medical products or pharmaceuticals, it is often found, that a direct sale takes place in cooperation with the pharmacist.

Required qualifications

  • Biologists, chemists, pharmacists, physicians, veterinarians and their medical assistant or certified pharmaceutical representative in accordance with § 75, para. 3 AMG
  • Certified Sales Representative
  • Medical Engineers

Job profiles (examples)

  • Head of Sales
  • Sales Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Key Account Manager


The field of Marketing deals with the marketing of the products and services of a company.

Required qualifications

  • In general, candidates hold an economics, natural sciences or engineering university degree
  • Prevalently economists with experience in the sales field or additional qualifications, but also biologists, chemists, physicians, veterinarians or engineers with complying experience

Job profiles (examples)

  • Product Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • (Medical) Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing

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