CONSIGEN for candidates

CONSIGEN has an excellent global network of contacts at interesting companies!

We focus on the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Medical Technology
  • Biotechnology and
  • Health Care

Due to the proximity and the good relationship with our clients, we find out about projects / vacancies that are not made public. On the way to your new position your personal welfare is especially important to us.

CONSIGENsimplifies the application process for candidates and personnel planning for companies.

Advantages for our candidates

As a candidate of CONSIGEN you can:

  • Find out if you currently have the position, which corresponds to your experience, expertise and your ambition.
  • Take advantage of our personal network of Life Sciences companies' within Germany and abroad.
  • Benefit from our unique market and industry knowledge.
  • Expect a professional and personal briefing of the highest standard.
  • Trust in a fair and honest partner.

CONSIGENsets new standards for professional and fair treatment of its candidates!

Your direct contact

An der Gnadenkirche 10
46485 Wesel

+49 281 300 84 24