1. Pharmaceutical Industry

Companies that manufacture or market pharmaceuticals, are referred to as pharmaceutical companies. Many pharmaceutical companies additionally practice their own research and development of new pharmaceuticals, some carry out the pharmaceutical development of proven active ingredients, while others limit themselves to the post-patent-free medicines.

2. Medical Technology

In medical technology, the scientific industries of medicine and engineering intertwine, i.e. technical knowledge is transferred and applied to the development of new examination and treatment methods.

3. Biotechnology

In biotechnology, biochemical and biological processes are researched for their application in medicine, pharmacy as well as in the production of materials, etc. It is multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary science: scientists of all scientific fields, physicians and engineers work together.

4. Contract Research

A CRO (Contract Research Organization or Clinical Research Organization) serves for the planning and conduct of clinical trials, which are necessary, for example, for the approval of new pharmaceuticals.

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