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Specify your competences 

For the gathering of individual competences, creating a list is a good starting point. However, you should not solely satisfy yourself with this list, but instead try to also get feedback from your people in your environment. Ask friends, co-workers, colleagues and supervisors for an assessment of your competences.

The varied perspective that other people have of you, will in likelihood lead to abilities being mentioned, that you yourself have not yet judged or judged differently. Then make your own self-assessment based on that external assessment. After that, focus on those skills in particular, for which there is a majority agreement.

Explore the general conditions

Try to formulate your requirements and wishes for your new job or new project as specifically as possible. Prepare a list of general conditions such as teamwork, laboratory work, customer contact or leadership and evaluate them according to their significance for you. Consequently, you can create a ranking of your 10 most important general conditions.

This ensures that a new position suits your competences and includes sufficient general conditions based on your ranking list.

We see ourselves as your advisors and you as our partner! Challenge us:

  • Come to our office for an informative conversation or interview. Tell us what matters to you.
  • Ask us for feedback regarding your professional and personal skills.
  • Find out if your current job is right for you and if it corresponds to your experience and expertise.
  • Balance your personal market view with our profound market overview.
  • Ask for differentiation criteria that distinguishes us from our competition, from which you can benefit.
  • Learn how our excellent personal contacts in the industry can help you.
  • Work out a strategy with us that aims to ensure that you receive your ideal position at your desired company, in your chosen industry.

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