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We make recruiting easy!

Whether you need new employees on a permanent basis for your business or freelance specialists for your temporary projects, Consigen proceeds according to the principle "one face to the customer". In our organization, every client has a contact person who takes care of the needs and requirements of its clients.

We do not like the idea of giving you several contacts, who would individually focus on subsegments of your complex requisitions. Instead, we believe that constant care will only be achieved through a permanent contact with in-depth industry and recruitment experience, which would also prevent loss of information and ultimately generate better client satisfaction.

Your sparring partner from the outset

This also means that your consultant is your sparring partner throughout all stages of the recruitment process. You can view your consultant as your trustful Partner and challenge him/her:

  • You will be given a profound insight into the Life Sciences' candidate market, regardless of whether you have current or future requirements.
  • Find out about the latest recruitment trends.
  • Create a meaningful job and candidate profile together with your consultant.
  • Take control of how your job advertisements are displayed on our website, job portals as well as social media platforms.
  • Take our “action plan” into consideration, in the process of recruiting and selecting suitable candidates.
  • Take advantage of our personal contacts to thousands of Life Sciences' specialists in Germany and abroad.

CONSIGEN, Life Sciences' Recruitment, serving our clients in an honest and straightforward way!

Your direct contact

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